Colloidal Silver Resources

Colloidal Silver Books

More Info Here.

As always one of my favorite sites: Earth Clinic.

Inexpensive No Nonsense Colloidal Silver Generator

More Costly Colloidal Silver Generator

Colloidal Generator that I use.

Colloidal Silver liquid that are reputable: ASAPMesoSilver, and Utopia Silver. Also talk with your friendly health food store (who you trust), they may carry a less known brand that is good.  utoptia silver.

Make your own machine:

Here is a link to read but make sure you watch the videos also.

Sample videos on making your won colloidal silver machine. Don’t watch only one video as they all say a few different things. DONT’ use salt in your water! Use Distilled water. Purchase a water meter even if you purchase your machine from someone else. Store your Colloidal Silver in amber bottles out of sunlight. The silver wires should be 12 or 14 gauge (AWG) pure silver wire (14 guage is highly preferred), between 99.95% and 99.999% pure silver. You should NOT use sterling silver, as it contains high levels of nickel, which is toxic. Make sure you buy pure silver wire.

This first video he is using silver coins, but you can purchase silver wires for your machine. I am going to make one similar to the one on this first video.

This is a pretty informative video. I love video made by the average everyday person!

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