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I have long been interested in heath and nutrition, although I haven’t always been very good about following anything that I learned. I gave in to my favorite dessert of Black Forest Cake and my other favorite dish…pasta! Despite me not following all that I knew, I kept learning.

Then when my husband and I started having some health challenges, I knew it was time to practice what I preached. I wanted to write a little book on my favorite supplements and foods to leave to my children, but then I decided, ‘why not blog’? So that is how Laid Back Larry’s Health Hut came to be.

My husband, Laid Back Larry, and I travel around doing volunteer work. Our passion is to give to others. Any links here or items linked for sale, are all just little bits here and there to help us support ourselves while trying to support others. I would like to thank you now for using any affiliate links or shopping through our Amazon store.

I may not be able to address all your health needs here but I would love to help you to achieve you optimal health. If you have challenges with something that maybe I can’t help with, maybe one of our readers will know just the right thing for you.

Although I believe that we should use all that is natural to heal ourselves and to do preventative health measures, no where on this site will I tell you to not follow the advice of your doctor. Now if you were one of my kids that may be a different story! Each person must decide for themselves what is best for their body and their lives.

I hope as you surf this site, you are reading it with healthy eyes, clear mind, strong body, and a growing soul.

Be healthy,



Nothing on this site is meant to replace your Doctor, nor your intuitive guidance, and specifically are not meant as medical treatments. You must also realize that the same nutrients, much as the same drugs, do not work the same for every individual. You are a unique person, as different from an other as your finger prints. Each individual will respond to nutrients in varying degrees, depending also on their thoroughness, discipline, and faithfulness in following their program. This includes also their overall health, yet most will see some specific benefits.

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