Colliodal Silver (part 2)

As we learned from (part 1) of the Colloidal Silver posts, this natural antibiotic is something I feel every person should educate themselves on. After educating yourself on this I hope that you will start using Colloidal Silver to not only heal yourself but also as a preventive matter. That being said, one thing I can tell you when doing any research on Colloidal Silver….there is so much varying opinions on it! It has been an absolute maze trying to find truth amongst marketing! I will do my best to share with you unbiased what I have learned.

Colloidal Silver is sold in just about every health food store in America, Canada, Mexico, parts of Europe, and all over the internet.

#1. Is it worth the hassle? YOU BET! British researchers now say that silver compounds are as effective at killing certain cancer cells as a leading chemotherapy drug, but with potentially far fewer side-effects.

#2.. Is Colloidal Silver safe? YES. Despite what you may hear from various ‘official’ sources, if you read what the average normal person who has actually been using this for themselves has said, then you can see the wonderful results from using Colloidal Silver in moderation. By moderation, I mean safe dosages per the Colloidal Silver that you have.

#3 Can I turn blue using colloidal silver?  DOUBT IT. Of the 5 known cases in the US in the last 100 years, one was not colloidal silver at all, but was silver nitrate prescribed by a doctor. Two were from mega doses of homemade silver solution that had other compounds in them (well documented, one being the “blue man” recently in the news), and the last two were homemade solutions and self administered without documentation, (Argyria, turning blue, is the long term, high volume use of large particle silver solutions.) There has never been a case of Argyria from any person using a commercial produced colloidal silver product adhering to the manufacturer’s “suggested use”.

#4 Will Colloidal Silver interfere with my other meds? NO, not according to what I read. Colloidal silver cannot interact or interfere with other medicine being taken. Inside the body, silver forms no toxic compounds nor reacts with anything other than a germs oxygen-metabolising enzyme. Colloidal silver is truly a safe, natural remedy for many of mankind’s ills.(1)(2)

#5 What are the uses for Colloidal Silver?  Below is just a sampling.

COLLOIDAL SILVER USES BEFORE 1938  http://health.centreforce.com/health/silver.html

#6. Can’t I just use prescribed antibiotics? SURE

Just remember that while antibiotics can be lifesavers, the misuse of over prescribing has increased the number of drug resistant germs. Colloidal Silver has been known to kill over 650 disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and molds, has no negative side-effects .

The ideal maintenance dosage of colloidal silver would be a tablespoon per day, but obviously if you are suffering a health crisis, you would need to take more. This would also depend on the ppm (parts per million) of your Colloidal Silver. Click HERE to learn more about dosages and benefits.

I am going to suggest a few brands that seem to have a good reputation. I will add more later. I personally buy mine for under $20 from my local health food store where I know the people who work there and they will tell me what is good and not just what they want to sell. The two brands below I have heard good reviews about.

After you are totally thrilled with Colloidal Silver you may want to graduate from buying your colloidal to making it yourself. I will list some machines and resources for you to make your won machine in the resource section of this blog.

And yes…it is also safe for children!Please continue to do your research. Don’t get discouraged with conflicting reports. Follow your gut! It’s your lifesaver!

More Resources:



FDA Report: http://www.happyherbalist.com/fda_report.htm

(1) http://www.2012.com.au/Colloidal_SilverB.html

(2) http://www.herbalremedies.com/readmorabcol.html

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Happy Happy!

Happy Happy! That’s how I feel because you are here! Seriously, we have all heard the saying, ‘Be the change you want to see in this world’, but how many of us really do that?

With obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and much more on the rise, being healthy is a part of that change. . How many people can really bring about positive change when they don’t even take care of themselves?

Being healthy is much more than just physical health, it is also emotional, spiritual, and mental. By the term ‘healthy’, I am talking about body, mind, and soul. For wholeness there must be a balance of all three.

In this blog I am attempting to give you some tools to choose from in order to promote your own wholeness, your own vital health.

Preventative health care is of course by far the best way to live. We live in a toxic environment both in the physical world and in our thought world. There is much negativity in the world but there is also a huge growing positive energy rising up that will enable all who participate to truly be the change.

In whatever you see here on this blog, don’t just jump in and do everything you read, follow peace, follow wisdom. You can tell when something is right for you when the subject just gels with something inside.

I am by far not an expert on anything written in this blog. Also in saying that, I want you to know that every post I write, I put as much research into it until I feel peace about giving you as much information as I can in a few posts. I am hoping that as time goes on, there will be readers who will share their real life experiences with us all and we can share this journey of health and wholeness.

To Life!


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