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Choosing Happiness.

I am a fan of reading NDEs, (near death experiences). Now some might find that a little strange but I find it really quite encouraging and life giving. There are differences in ndes especially when the individuals come from different cultures and different beliefs, but they all seem to end up very very similar. They all seem to come back with the message that the most important thing in life is love. Not only love for others but love for oneself.

A common train of thought amongst them is that, fear and the lack of love for oneself is in large a major cause of disease and illnesses coming into our bodies. They say that fear and stress are major doorways to which these conditions can enter into our lives.

The lack of self love, they say, comes from not really understanding who we really are and that we are more than the five sense beings that we have lived our whole lives experiencing. This lack of self identity and lack of self love puts us living an external life of fear while trying to please others and in turn try to please ourselves. The self that we can naturally gravitate towards is the self that lives life as ruled by external circumstances, while our true identity lives life from a more inner role seeing that we are infinite beings experiencing an earthy existence.

When we recognize our selves as these infinite beings it enables us to ‘tap’ into the energies that flow from the earth and the universe. These energies and these vibrations are not only life giving but healing.

This may all seem a little strange or foreign to you but coming from one who has dealt with health challenges and was struggling to find the answers, this new knowledge opened a whole new world of hope to me. AND as I researched it all, it was all backed scientifically. We create what we believe. Our external world mirrors what is going on internally. This very statement can make you angry as you are struggling to just stay alive. I do not say it anger but hopefully to give hope that if we in even a small part contributed to our health crisis, then we can take charge and contribute to our total healing.

As I continued to eat well, take natural supplements, and do all I knew to do for healing of my body, I would tend to hit plateaus. When I learned of how our inner beliefs effect our bodies I started to let go of focusing on my pain and symptoms and started doing what I needed to do in order to find my peace and identity from within. From that point on I started to see my body correspond with my beliefs. I am not saying positive thinking, I am saying ‘new beliefs.’

I will add some links here to help you do a little research on your own if you are interested. Also I want to send you over to a blog that I dabble in here and there, where I did a rice experiment that shows the effect that our words and our thoughts have on water…we are made up primarily of water.

I hope that this in some way encourages you, but most important I hope that this can be a seed to you remembering your true self and finding the peace and the power inside to begin your healing.

Be happy and healthy!

The Rice experiment:


Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorejani     (Near death by cancer)


You tube: This link is for an interview done by Wayne Dryer. There are more videos on this page also.

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Mr. Rogers: The Garden Of Your Mind

Much of our health comes from our thoughts and attitudes. When we can learn to attune our thoughts into positive energy, healing will come and healing will stay. Below is a Mr. Rogers remix. Enjoy!




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How To Stop A Panic/Anxiety Attack.

I have had some challenges with anxiety attacks. Although at the time it was happening, I didn’t realize  what it was. I thought for sure I had something dreadfully wrong with me.

As I have learned more about our bodies, our mind, and our emotions, I could see that what I was suffering from was not some mystery ailment that was sure to kill me, but what I was challenged with were anxiety attacks. These would come on even when I was asleep and wake me with a jolt! Our bodies are wonderful fortune tellers and can tell you physically when something emotionally is out of whack.

For me, it was a culmination of things happening over the past year. I thought that by putting a smile on my face and thinking positively then all my stresses would just dissipate. My body was there to tell me that what I was doing was not working.

There are many natural things that you can do for Panic/Anxiety attacks. If you are home, a cold shower does wonders. Sounds to simple, but you should try it.

Yoga and meditation are wonderful aids to helping with this challenge.

The most important thing to know is:

#1) You are not alone. There are others out there with the same challenge. You do not have some mystery disease.

#2) Don’t let it control you. If it can cause you fear then it is controlling you and it will makes the symptoms worse.

#3) Take the fear away by educating yourself on it. I feel most comfortable reading forums where real everyday people share what they go through and what has or has not helped them. Earth Clinic is one of my favorite web places to go to when I am looking into health matters.

Please watch this simple little video below. It really help me. I must say that I do not know much about the company that produced this video so this isn’t an endorsement for them. I am sharing it because it helped me.

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Watch a tumor being healed in less then three minutes.

I believe in the power of energy. We can have an effect on our own health with either the positive or negative energy that we feed it. We can also effect others by our energy.

How about being healed by energy? Maybe you would believe it if you saw it with your own eyes. In this video you will see a ‘surgery’ on a tumor. This video is an exert of a speech made by Gregg Braden. I have not watched the whole video but after watching the exert, I wanted to share it with you. It will really make you thin!

We could say that it is healing of the future but really this is for now!

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