How To Use Coconut Oil

So how do you incorporate Coconut Oil into your life? Some people just take a spoonful straight…more power to them! LOL. I love the taste but need to put it in something. My husband makes his eggs with coconut oil EVERY morning. I need a bit more variety in my meals. I put mine in my oatmeal, or spread on toast. Even add it to a hot drink. I love to bake with it and it’s amazing on popcorn.  Below I list some ways to incorporate coconut oil into your diet.

Use in replacement of where you use other oils.
Great of popcorn!
In Oatmeal.
In smoothies.
In hot drinks.
On toast.
In candy making.
Mix in peanut/almond butter.
Mix in yogurt…stir well.
Use in baking!
Melted and poured over veggies.
Makes great muffins!
Put it on potatoes…yum!
Coconut whip cream!
Any recipe that calls for oil.


Massage anywhere on your body for softer, clearer skin.
Great moisturizer.
Make a body scrub with it.
Make up remover.
Condition your hair!
Homemade chapstick.
Toothpaste…mix with baking soda.
Use on minor scrapes and cuts as natural antibiotic.

I think that lotions, creams, scrubs, and any baked goods with coconut oil would make great gifts ideas!

Never microwave coconut oil to melt it! Microwaves destroy all of the beneficial properties. Instead, place the desired amount of coconut oil in a glass jar or measuring cup. Place the glass in a bowl of hot water. It will melt fairly quickly.

For Coconut Oil recipes click here:

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For Coconut DIY recipes …well those are coming soon!

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