Happy Happy!

Happy Happy! That’s how I feel because you are here! Seriously, we have all heard the saying, ‘Be the change you want to see in this world’, but how many of us really do that?

With obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and much more on the rise, being healthy is a part of that change. . How many people can really bring about positive change when they don’t even take care of themselves?

Being healthy is much more than just physical health, it is also emotional, spiritual, and mental. By the term ‘healthy’, I am talking about body, mind, and soul. For wholeness there must be a balance of all three.

In this blog I am attempting to give you some tools to choose from in order to promote your own wholeness, your own vital health.

Preventative health care is of course by far the best way to live. We live in a toxic environment both in the physical world and in our thought world. There is much negativity in the world but there is also a huge growing positive energy rising up that will enable all who participate to truly be the change.

In whatever you see here on this blog, don’t just jump in and do everything you read, follow peace, follow wisdom. You can tell when something is right for you when the subject just gels with something inside.

I am by far not an expert on anything written in this blog. Also in saying that, I want you to know that every post I write, I put as much research into it until I feel peace about giving you as much information as I can in a few posts. I am hoping that as time goes on, there will be readers who will share their real life experiences with us all and we can share this journey of health and wholeness.

To Life!


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